7 reasons, why you should try aTantra massage together with your partner

Tantra massage is one of the many oriental procedures that combine physiotherapeutic techniques with a bit of an erotic touch. Though it’s an art that takes years to master, the basics are quite easy to grasp, even for a beginner. So, there’s little to prevent you from trying it together with your partner and embark on a journey of exotic passion… The following 7 reasons should convince you enough to give it a go!

Giving a simplified tantra massage is not that hard

It’s not a rocket science. The key is not to rush it, opt for a slow approach and don’t be shy to take your hands on a journey all over your partner’s body. There’s no need to worry about getting it wrong. Simple and intuitive kneading and stroking will do for start – you don’t have to delve into the more advanced techniques right from the start. Also, don’t forget a good massaging oil so that everything goes smooth as silk!

Forget romantic dinners – this is cheaper and much more romantic

You don’t have to splash fortune on a romantic dinner at a top restaurant, or a cinema visit, or a night out in a bar. This is a much cheaper option that will captivate your partner nonetheless. You don’t really need to buy anything, but if you wish for your experience to stand out, invest in some aromatic candles and a quality oil. It still beats the other options price-wise, since an average date night in can apparently cost hundreds of dollars!

It is sexually riveting

And not only for the one on the receiving end. Tantra is a mutually joyful experience, and the joy is not only derived from taking, but also from giving to the one you love. And joy can provide a fertile ground for erotic excitement to spring! You’ll feel the arousal building not only by being touched, but also by touching!

You can (or even should) consider switching

The benefit of trying some tantric stimulation with your partner is that you can take turns – that won’t probably happen in a professional salon! Share your delights and practice on each other so that you can get better in the future. Maybe you’ll even include tantra in your sexual foreplay and make it a mainstay in your bedroom. Tantric sex is a thing – and it can transform your intimate life for the better.

It’s an emotional thing

Don’t mistake pornographic footage labelled as “tantra” for the real thing, which is primarily a loving, caring and gentle procedure. Its erotic aspect is secondary to the emotional one,the loving one. This art teaches the appreciation of each other’s bodies and fosters an emotional connection between you and your partner. It can have a deeply positive impact on the quality of your relationship!

The health benefits can’t be understated

While pleasurable and enjoyable as it is, tantra can actually provide even much more than that. Its impact has been studied and there is actually plenty of evidence that it can help you with the following:

  • Muscle and joint relaxation & pain relief
  • Improved blood flow
  • Mood elevation
  • Improved self-perception and body image perception
  • Heightened sex drive

The orgasms are out of this world

Integral to this whole procedure is the technique known as “edging”. Instead of racing to reach the orgasm, the point is to delay it as much as possible, bringing you just to the brink of it before slowing down and thus repeatedly building the arousal and libidinal energy. By the end of it, when all is let loose, the resulting climax is something really incomparable!

These were the 7 reasons why to give a tantric massage a go. Hopefully we’ve at least made you consider it if nothing else!

Are you familiar with tantra? For what reasons do you personally like it? Would you trust your partner with it or is it preferable to visit a true professional? Are there any other massages you would compare it to? Which ones? Discuss below!